“AN IMPACT PLAYER: 30 Years of Making a Difference”


By words and deeds, I am an uncompromising advocate in protecting the integrity of our justice system and the rule of law;


After thirty years as a lawyer, I have the professional experience and independence of thought that allow me to challenge the status quo and insist on raising our game as a regulator;


Track record of supporting the most disadvantaged in our profession and refusing to knuckle under to the anachronistic vestiges of a bygone era;


I firmly and unapologetically reject that the Law Society exists to protect the turf of any particular professional interest – the public interest means much more than that – I am open to the ongoing exploration of how and where appropriately regulated paralegals can help – the public deserve no less!; and


Keeping the Law Society in check happens both internally and externally – I have a demonstrated track record of insisting on transparency of Law Society processes – I will not relent in delivering on accountability.


  • An Opportunity to Act

    “…I call on us to appreciate it’s more than just platitudes now, that … this is an opportunity for us to act. Society expects no less, you can see it all around you, not just within the profession, all around us, that the time has come in terms of reconciling our obligations to First Nations, much as they have to reconcile their obligations to us. And I say and call on us to seize the moment.”

    -Julian Falconer (Convocation, October 30, 2014)

  • A steadfast champion of the public interest

    “Colleagues and clients describe Falconer as a steadfast champion of the public interest, a voice for the powerless, a change maker.”

    -Toronto Star, December 19, 2013

  • One of the country’s top constitutional human rights lawyers

    “Mr. Falconer is one of the country’s top constitutional and human rights lawyers. He represented the Smith family in a lawsuit into the death of Ashley Smith in custody. He worked on the Ipperwash Inquiry. He represented Maher Arar in a suit against the federal government over his rendition and torture in Syria. The list goes on. Point is, Mr. Falconer takes a special interest in holding government to account.”

    -Financial Post, November 17, 2014



My Statement

I am submitting my candidacy for a third term as a Bencher in the hopes of contributing to improving conditions for those receiving, and for those delivering, legal services. There is much work to be done. I am committed to continuing my role as an agent of change at the Law Society.


My Profile

Julian Falconer holds degrees from the University of Alberta, McGill University, and the University of Toronto in addition to an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Guelph-Humber. He is the principal of Falconers LLP …



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